Our Statement of Solidarity with Gaza

Electronic Frontiers Australia reaffirms our commitment to the protection of digital rights and adherence to international law As defenders of digital rights and advocates for justice, Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) cannot stand by as acts of genocide occur in breach of international law. Digital rights do not occur in a vacuum and like any other […]

EFA Statement Regarding Cloudflare

Justice holds her scales and sword aloft with a blue background.

Electronic Frontiers Australia calls on Cloudflare to provide a detailed statement of reasons that explain its approach to balancing competing rights and interests.

Australian Government must reinstate phone and internet access to asylum seekers

Digital Rights Watch Australia and Electronic Frontiers Australia today urge the Australian Government to ensure that the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees being held in offshore detention camps on Manus Island (Papua New Guinea) and Nauru are respected. The Australian Government’s offshore processing system which has established these camps has resulted in violations […]

Open Rights Group: The London Attacks

Open Rights Group condemns the appalling attack at London Bridge; this is not only a violent assault on individual lives but an attack against the freedom and security we enjoy in the UK. It is disappointing that in the aftermath of this attack, the Government’s response appears to focus on the regulation of the Internet […]

After the ‘Facebook Files’, the social media giant must be more transparent

Most people on Facebook have probably seen something they wish they hadn’t, whether it be violent pictures or racist comments. How the social media giant decides what is and isn’t acceptable is often a mystery. Internal content guidelines, recently published in The Guardian, offer new insight into the mechanics of Facebook content moderation. The slides […]

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