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We actively monitor a number of policy areas and specific issues. The topics below provide a detailed view of EFA’s policy positions.


Australia’s copyright laws are outdated, inflexible and not fit for the digital age. As such, EFA is a long-standing supporter of reform of Australia’s Copyright Act.

Privacy & Security

Privacy is fundamentally about consent and control over access to information, and goes hand-in-hand with security. Privacy is a human right.


Adults should be able to make their own informed decisions about what content they create and consume.


Access to encryption technologies is vital for individuals and groups to be able to safeguard the security and privacy of their information.

Internet safety

Surveillance is not safety. Safety for whom, against what? This complex problem is more likely to be exacerbated, rather than solved, by measures that allow for unaccountable surveillance and the undermining of communications security.


EFA is committed to ensuring that Australian’s home life is not subject to arbitrary interference.


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