EFA Calls On Australian Government To Trust Australians With Details On Contact Tracing App

Australia, 17 April 2020 – Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) calls on the Australian government to start talking meaningfully and in detail to technologists, rights advocates, and the general public about its proposed contact tracing app. “The government has for some time demonstrated an aversion to transparency and plain speaking. In this public health crisis we […]

EFA Welcomes PJCIS Rejection Of Facial Recognition Bills

Australia, 24 October 2019: Electronic Frontiers Australia welcomes the news today that the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS) has rejected proposed legislation that would have created a facial recognition mass-surveillance system reminiscent of that used by the Chinese government against its own citizens in Xinjiang and Hong Kong.  In its report handed […]

Scheduled Facial Recognition Public Inquiry Cancelled by Australian Government

Media release: Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc (EFA) is concerned that a joint parliamentary inquiry public hearing into Australia’s proposed national facial recognition database was cancelled on Wednesday. The scheduled hearing was part of the inquiry by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security and it was expected to review two bills. These were the […]

EFA Warns Chinese-Style Facial Recognition Is Already Happening In Australia

Australia, 16 July 2019: Electronic Frontiers Australia, the premier digital rights body promoting and protecting digital rights since 1994, has called for Australians to reject oppressive facial-recognition systems, like those use by the Chinese authorities to oppress the Uyghur muslim minority. “Last night’s programme on ABC’s Four Corners revealed that Australian universities, researchers, and technology […]

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