EFA’s Systems Team is responsible for oversight and management of all of EFA’s Information and Communications Technology systems.

EFA has a strong commitment to Open Source software and privacy-enabling systems, and these commitments are reflected in the systems we choose to use.

The Systems Team is formally constituted as a Standing Committee under the EFA Board. See the Standing Committees Policy [PDF] and the Terms of Reference for the Policy Committee [PDF].

Interested in joining the Systems Team?

All EFA teams are open to applications from members with a relevant interest and/or expertise.

The teams work collaboratively using various platforms and formal meetings (online or off) are kept to an absolute minimum. The time commitment involved in joining a team will vary depending on what you’re prepared and able to take on, but as a minimum, one hour per week or equivalent (such as one afternoon per month) is generally expected.

Before deciding whether to apply to join a team, please read this first: Volunteer Guidelines [PDF]

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