“The voices of national security and law enforcement agencies will generally be close to the ear of government.
It is important that there be voices of equal strength to speak for human rights, the rule of law and protecting
the privacy of citizens from the technologically enhanced capacity of the State to monitor their communications.”

– The Hon. Justice Michael Kirby, Justice of the High Court of Australia, EPIC International Symposium on
The Public Voice and the Development of International Cryptography Policy, Paris, September 1996.

Introduction to Cryptography

A brief discussion to the importance of cryptography in the global information infrastructure. Why it is needed. Why the subject is controversial.

Crypto Politics

Information on the current situation in cryptography politics. Includes export restrictions, key recovery, key escrow, national and international moves to restrict availability of cryptographic methods and algorithms.

The Australian Crypto FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions concerning Australian cryptography policy and related information.

Cryptography Resources

Resources available on cryptography theory and algorithms.

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)

Detailed information on installing and using PGP, the readily available strong cryptography tool for the masses. Where to get it. How to install it.

The Terminology of Cryptography

A glossary of terms relating to cryptography.
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