Not a lot of people take the time to make submissions to Government, so when people do it makes an impact. Making submissions, writing letters, and phone calls to Members of Parliament is an effective yet often underutilized response in our democracy.

Current Submissions

Home Affairs Wants to Know – What Do You Think of The Assistance and Access Bill 2018?

Right now the Department of Home Affairs wants to hear from you by 10 September 2018. And they want any comments submitted to [email protected]

If you don’t submit a comment the Government ticks off the “consultation with the sector” checkbox and puts the rubber stamp on this legislation.

Let us assume that these policy makers are low tech ideologues and they really believe that if they could hack into the devices of all the baddies that the world would be a safer place, they need people like you that know stuff about technology and society to tell them what you think about this approach.  

To make a submission you do not need to feel like an expert. Your response can be as simple as “I do not agree with this legislation” and it will carry weight.

Read the bill: The Assistance and Access Bill 2018

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