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9th November: EFA reiterates concerns about TPP copyright and ecommerce chapters

6th November: Australian Government must reinstate phone and internet access to asylum seekers

16th October: EFA elects first female leadership team

6th October: Australia’s leading privacy and civil liberties organisations condemn COAG face database decision

28th August: Digital rights organisations plead, yet again, to be heard as TPP11 countries meet in Sydney

28th August: Internet freedom and public interest groups pleads, yet again, to be heard as TPP11 countries meet in Sydney

29th June: 83 organisations and experts from “Five Eyes” nations demand respect for strong encryption

15th June: Copyright Amendment Bill passes: onwards to Fair Use

22nd May: Wikipedia Flies Flag for Fair Copyright in Australia

1st May: Data retention: universal warrant requirement is only effective protection

13th April: National Get a VPN Day


28th October: The Saturday Paper
Turnbull sought GetUp! help before spill

18th October: Technology Decisions
First female leadership team installed at EFA

18th October: The Register
Domino’s Pizza delivers user details to spammers

18th October: The Mandarin
Link between Govpass and Medicare numbers stirs identity fraud anxiety

16th October: Gizmodo
Electronic Frontiers Australia Elects Its First Female Leadership Team

16th October: BayFM
Electronic Frontiers Australia Executive Officer Jon Lawrence explains civil liberty concerns over a national facial recognition database and what The Five Eyes are.

9th October: InnovationAus
Face biometric backlash begins

9th October: ABC Radio Brisbane
Executive Officer Jon Lawrence talks to Steve Austin about the government’s plans for a comprehensive facial recognition database. Starts at 39:14.

8th October: Daily Telegraph
Opinion: It’s a bit hypocritical to cry invasion of privacy

6th October: Australian Financial Review
George Orwell had nothing on what’s coming around the corner in facial recognition

6th October: RRR Midday News
RRR Midday News

6th October: Mashable
Another country is pushing for a national facial recognition database, and it includes driver’s licence photos

6th October: TechWireAsia
Australia moves towards mass surveillance with facial recognition database

6th October: itWire
Privacy groups slam COAG over face recognition database

4th October: InnovationAUS
Turnbull’s new face biometric plan

21st July: Student Edge
Dozens of Aussie Schools Introduce Tech to Monitor Students’ Internet Usage on Phones (In Class and at Home)

18th July: ABC News
Pornography: Support in Australia for compulsory age verification software on porn websites

18th July:
UK to introduce porn ID checks by April 2018

17th July: RTRFM
Turnbull Proposes Encryption Laws

8th July: The Guardian
Data breaches undermine trust in government’s ability to protect our information

6th July: RedFlag
Weakening encryption is an attack on our freedom

5th July: Techly
Medicare breach raises concerns about the Australian Government’s grip on personal data

4th July: Newcastle Herald
Medicare breach sets off alarms over $1 billion e-health plan

4th July: ABC The World Today
Claims every Australian’s Medicare number available for purchase on ‘dark web’

4th July: The Guardian
Federal police asked to investigate darknet sale of Medicare data

2nd July: Radio National
Sunday Roundtable: Can law enforcement disrupt terrorists on the internet without hitting the rest of us?

30th June: itWire
Five Eyes nations urged to respect strong encryption

29th June: Books & Publishing
Copyright Agency, industry groups launch new campaign against fair use

16th June: ZDNet
Parliament passes digital fair dealing for Copyright Act

13th June: SBS News
Experts say breaking encryption problematic

13th June: SBS News
PM’s encryption battle

26th May: TechDirt
Wikipedians Join Push For Fair Use In Australia After Six Government Reports Recommend It

23rd May: Business Insider
Wikipedia says Australians ‘break the law everyday’ on copyright and has launched a reform campaign

23rd May: itWire
Wikipedia begins campaign for fair use copyright exceptions

22nd May: International Business Times
Wikipedia calls for Fair Use provision in Australia

22nd May: Gizmodo
Wikipedia Is Joining The Fight To Update Australia’s Fair Use Laws

22nd May: ABC Radio Melbourne
If you share memes or forward emails, you’re probably breaking Australia’s current copyright law

21st May: SMH
Fair Use: Wikipedia targets Australians in bid to change the law

18th May: ABC News
Experts urge social media users to check privacy settings and think before they post

4th May: Daily Telegraph
Jon Lawrence: National security? Data laws misused to spy. Opinion piece by EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence [pay-walled]

2nd May: advox – Global Voices
‘We Told You So’: Australian Federal Police Accessed Journalist’s Phone Records Illegally

1st May: itWire
EFA calls for ‘universal’ metadata warrants

27th April: ABC
FaceApp: Experts have privacy concerns about popular face transformation app

18th April: HuffPost Australia
Data Retention Laws Are Now In Effect And Here’s What You Need To Know

17th April: Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Government Lies About Metadata Scheme

17th April: Lifehacker
How to protect your metadata with a VPN

14th April: The Age
How to protect your metadata with a VPN

13th April: itWire
Today is National Get a VPN Day

13th April: ZDNet
Brandis rules out data retention in civil litigation

12th April: Techly
A practical guide to protecting your privacy online

3rd April:
Calls to limit restrictions on use of personal data in Australia

25th January: ABC Radio National Breakfast
TPP opponents continue battle.

24th January: 3CR: Done by Law
Summer news update & review of mandatory data retention laws

18th January: Junkee
Surprise! The Government Is Proposing A Worrying Change To Those Data Retention Laws.

9th January: Daily Telegraph
Paranoid Aussies lock smartphones to hide naked selfies and block Facebook pranks.

6th January: Herald Sun
Advocates predict ‘abolition of privacy’ with mooted law changes in civil and family disputes.

4th January: Radio National Breakfast
Concerns of mission creep over metadata.

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