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23rd December 2015: Proposed Copyright Amendments welcome but insufficient

9th December 2015: Digital Innovation requires Copyright Reform

8th December 2015: EFA calls for universal warrant requirement for data retention

27th July 2015: EFA welcomes ALP decision to review data retention legislation

16th July 2015: EFA supports call to avoid criminalisation of cryptologic research


24th December: Business Insider
The Australian government is completely ignoring an innovative legal reform on copyright

11th December: Gizmodo
EFA On Data Retention: ‘Get A Warrant’

8th December: itWire
EFA seeks mandatory warrants for access to stored data

3rd December:The Educator
Google accused of ‘deceptively tracking’ student data

10th November: The Australian
NAB urges ‘healthy habits’ as it dangles carrot to harvest data [pay-walled]

13th October: Lateline
New counter-terrorism laws to be introduced into Parliament next month

13th October:
‘A complete shambles’: Metadata laws come into effect, but many telcos aren’t prepared

6th October: CIO
Australia signs Trans-Pacific Partnership

14th September: CNet
Vodafone faces security warnings over journalist hacking claims

9th September: Delimiter
Parliament launches cross-party ‘Friends of the Internet’ Group

8th September: CIO
Copyright infringement notice ‘another layer of unnecessary regulation’ for ISPs: EFA

1st September: SBS News
Tech-wreck commissioner Dyson Heydon gets an iPhone

1st September: 9news
Tech-wreck commissioner gets an iPhone

1st September: MySunShineCoast
High public officials must have at least basic computer and electronic communication skills

1st September: GovNews
Digital illiteracy in public sector is “no longer acceptable”

1st September: The Age
Electronic Frontiers Australia criticises Dyson Heydon for his refusal to use email

31st August: itWire
Top public sector officials must be computer literate, says activist group

23rd August: The Register
Ashley Madison spam starts, as leak linked to first suicide

17th August: The Age
Fears Windows 10 will blow data caps

4th August: ABC News
Foxtel set to launch legal action ‘in coming months’ to block websites like The Pirate Bay in Australia

31st July: itNews
Telstra handles 246 law enforcement data requests a day

28th July: Cybershack
Brandis lashes out at labor over data retention doubts

17th July: itWire
Cryptology research potentially a criminal activity

16th July: CIO
EFA endorses petition against criminalisation of cryptography research

31st March: ABC Lateline
What will the TPP mean for Australia?

31st March: ABC AM
Lawyers concerned data laws could affect client confidentiality.

24th March: RightsTalk – Australian Human Rights Commission
The Digital Rights Agenda. Executive Officer Jon Lawrence speaks at the Australian Human Rights Commission.

19th March: Channel Seven News
Government deal on our data.

19th March: The Wire
Is your privacy being stolen?.

8th March: Channel Seven News
Govt hopes to deter ‘terror tourists’.

5th March: ZDNet
Calls for independent oversight of Australia’s website blocking laws

30th January: The Australian
Spy watchdog warns of data overreach by ASIO

29th January: cNet
Concerns metadata retention could create a ‘honeypot’ for hackers

14th January: SMH
Police access phone and internet data 1200 times a week.

12th January: The Age (Opinion Piece)
George Brandis still struggling with metadata
An opinion piece from EFA’s Jon Lawrence about the Attorney-General’s latest ‘attempt’ to justify mandatory data retention.

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