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8th November 2016: Inquiry into freedom of speech really isn’t

29th June 2016: EFA calls on major parties to support copyright reform

27th June 2016: EFA calls on major parties to support encryption & privacy technologies

21st June 2016: Pirate, Science & Greens Parties lead on Digital Rights in 2016

25th February 2016: EFA concerned by Nikolic appointment, lack of support for encryption

16th February 2016: OpenMedia supports the Digital Rights 2016 campaign

8th February 2016: EFA launches Digital Rights 2016 campaign

4th February 2016: EFA welcomes proposed amendments to section 35P

20th January 2016: Attorney-General must properly resource Information Commission

19th January 2016: Attorney-General must reject requests from most agencies seeking warrantless access to telecommunications data

12th January 2016: EFA joins Global Call to World Leaders to Support Strong Encryption


22nd December:
This is the real threat to online pirates, and the digital privacy of Australians

22nd December: ZDNet
AGD warned proposed data re-identification laws could kill the data research canary

14th December: StartUpSmart
Snitch Hunt hackathon exposes how easily you can be found with metadata

9th August: The Australian
Crunch time for Australia’s most controversial census

5th August: Ars Technica
Australians threaten to take leave of their census

4th August: Boing Boing
Decision to retain personally identifying information puts Australian census under threat

4th August: CNet
Census 2016: Your guide to privacy and completing the survey (or not)

3rd August: The Australian
IBM global security exec says census hack “inevitable”

3rd August: HuffPost Australia
Here’s Exactly What The Census Will And Won’t Do With Your Information

3rd August: itNews
Turnbull tries to allay growing Census fears

2nd August: Daily Mail
Australians threaten to boycott the 2016 Census amid security concerns their personal data will be ‘a honeypot for hackers’

1st August: ZDNet
Census privacy risks are not what they seem

1st August: ComputerWorld
Government has ‘botched’ Census explanation: Labor

1st July: LifeHacker
Where Do Australia’s Political Parties Stand On Privacy And Encryption?

29th June: itWire
EFA calls on Coalition, Labor to support copyright reform

27th June: Gizmodo
Where Do The Major Australian Political Parties Stand On Privacy And Encryption This Election?

27th June: itWire
EFA calls for strong government support for encryption and privacy

27th June: My Sunshine Coast
EFA calls on major parties to support encryption & privacy technologies

26th June: The Age
While you’re browsing in a shop, the shop is browsing you

5th June: Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Electronic Frontiers Australia: An Exclusive Interview with Jon Lawrence

22nd May: CNet
Lost our Census: Why the biggest hit to privacy this year is all about you

11th April: The Monthly
Scott Ludlam goes viral

10th April: The New Daily
Census no longer anonymous

4th April: Government News
Centrelink, the Tax Office and ASIO could use Census 2016 data: privacy groups

3rd March: cNet
Everything must go: Dick Smith customer details auctioned off

2nd March: ABC Radio Brisbane
What do do if someone steals your Facebook profile photo?

26th February: Delimiter
EFA ‘concerned’ about Nikolic Security appointment, Senate encryption motion

26th February: itWire
EFA attacks ‘hard-line’ Nikolic as head of Intelligence, Security committee

25th February: The Educator
Are schools facing a digital privacy crisis?

19th February: itWire
Call for global action on ensuring ‘strong encryption’

17th February:
The UK to enforce age verification on all porn websites in ambitious regime

17th February: itWire
Canadian group gets behind Aussie digital rights campaign

8th February: Delimiter
EFA kicks off digital rights campaign for election year

8th February: itWire
Privacy top issue for EFA election-year campaign

1st February: CIO
EFA urges trade ministers not to sign final TPP agreement

21st January: itWire
EFA lambasts A-G over ‘war of attrition’ with Information Commissioner

19th January: Gizmodo
EFA Still Wants Government To Get A Warrant For Your Metadata

19th January: itWire
EFA renews objections to warrantless metadata access

19th January: Adelaide Advertiser
Environment Protection Authority hampered by new metadata laws in bid to stop toxic waste dumping

19th January: The Age
Dozens of government agencies request access to citizen metadata without warrants

12th January: itWire
EFA gets behind global call for strong encryption

12th January: Computerworld
Open letter rejects government crackdown on encryption

12th January: SMH
Australians join international protest against government ‘backdoors’ in encryption

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